The First Book Book Two Book Three Book Four Emotions: Different Parts of Speech Pilgrim of Castile 50% 100% Legend: Part of Speech -Noun -Verb -Adverb -Adjective 57% 13% 2% 28% 59% 10% 3% 28% 62% 8% 2% 28% 55% 19% 4% 22%

Explanation of Graph

The graph above is displaying the different parts of speech for all emotion words found in each book in Pilgrim of Castile in a percentage format. While marking up the text we tagged all emotion related words and identified whether that word was a noun, adjective, adverb, or verb. Until we have multiple texts to compare, we are unsure as to what this data shows pertaining to Lope itself. What we do know is that all references to body in the text are nouns and have no distribution similar to that of emotions shown above.